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CBD Hemp Kief is a concentrated form of cannabis from the female Hemp Plant. Kief is created by removing the resin glands and crystal coating from the trichomes which form on the bud. These trichomes are removed from the plant to produce a fine CBD powder rich in cannabinoids and terpenes.

Kief is considered to be one of the cleanest ways to consume CBD because there is little to no processing or solvents involved. It is low in THC just like everything else CBD.

We produced this High Quality, Fresh Frozen Hemp Kief by hand selecting each plant fresh out of our field. We hand bucked it, placed it in bags and put it on dry ice. Once frozen, we placed the flower over silk screen and tapped off the trichomes to get this beautiful golden colored Hemp Kief you see pictured. This is limited quantity, high quality Hemp CBD Kief.

Each container is 1000mg / 1 gram

Ways to use Kief:

Moon Rocks…You can make your own moon rocks by simply using a Hemp nug covered in oil, like MCT and then roll it in the Kief. Place it on some parchment paper and allow to harden.

Sprinkle a small amount on any type of flower you are smoking.

Dust it on your hemp cigarette before rolling.

Crown your bowl with it.

Make Hash

Press Resin

Or just use it straight in a bowl

Our products have been potency tested and tests are available.

This product does contain THC at or below 0.03% as allowed by law.

Our Hemp was grown outdoors, fed by the sun, our souls, rain and intermittent irrigation.