Extraction Process

All of our concentrates are made using PHO extraction.

Please see the extraction differences below.


While they both use hydrocarbons to extract cannabinoids and terpenes from hemp, PHO preserves more terpenes than BHO.  Since PHO is manufactured under a higher pressure and slightly lower temperature, the result is a better taste and potentially more health benefits than BHO manufactured products.

PHO vs. Co2

PHO preserves more terpenes than Co2 extraction. PHO extracted products are more effective and less expensive than Co2 extracted products, meaning you need more Co2 extracted product to obtain the same effect as a PHO extracted product. That equals more BANG for your BUCK…….

Some claim that Co2 extraction is safer because of its extraction process, but when the PHO extraction process is performed properly and safely, as ours is, it is equally as safe.